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IZotope Neutron Advanced 3.0 [Updated-2022]




Neutron's intuitive interface is easy to learn, and it's flexible enough to handle any mix-up. Tasteful color schemes can fit your creative style. Save time and maximize output with Neutron's powerful automation, assigning your audio by component. Integrate effects and reverbs to give your mix a professional polish. Whether you are a new user or an experienced pro, the redesigned Neutron 3 will help you build your best mixes. Unleash the power of Neutron Your most detailed and complex mixes can be opened, analyzed and optimized using the powerful Neutron interface. The new Mix Designer makes it easy to handle your mix with efficient automation. Using the keyboard, you can assign audio by program, genre, preset, effect chain or other options, and save your selections to audio clips. Create more from less with Neutron's built-in Analysis Analyze your mixes with Neutron's built-in Analysis tools, including multiband, gain and EQ tools. Edit your selected audio by trimming, editing, duplicating or removing sections with ease. These tools are now more intuitive and easier to use with the redesigned display. Freeze Time and Action with Automation Neutron 3's new timeline editor lets you freeze sections of your audio to save time. You can modify and edit any track's automation without affecting the original, and quickly reverse or re-trigger automation. An automated version of the Mix Designer and Analysis tools lets you easily manipulate tracks with automation clips, saving you time and letting you concentrate on your mixes. Capture the Low-End with Sonic Maximizer Make sure your mix stays clean by correcting uneven low-end frequencies and preserving natural sound. Sonic Maximizer lets you adjust your sound to your ear to make sure that the bass in your mix isn't too clean or too muddy. Build complex mixes by organizing audio by component. Organize your audio by component using Neutron's component interface. Edit clips by adding or removing sections, then adjust all of them together using the new Mix Designer. If you choose to create and edit your own audio clips, Neutron includes a variety of audio editor and player tools. Neutron automatically adjusts levels by component, so you can easily move and adjust volumes within your mix. Use Neutron's comprehensive effects and presets. Neutron includes dozens of powerful effects to help you create dramatic sound changes, from rever




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IZotope Neutron Advanced 3.0 [Updated-2022]

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